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I Fly Because I Like to Fly
by Yuri Tsapayev
Oleg Yakhnin, A Bird Flying. 1997, water-color on paper, 57 x 82 cm
A Bird Flying, a painting made by Oleg Yakhnin significantly layout the boldness of water
color on paper and emphasize its every facet of details. The intensity of the painting’s
pigment created an impact of strength and aggressiveness and this is evident in a naked eye.
The passion of the painting was felt on the overall. Indeed, contemporary art was able to
characterized the present scenario wherein if was exhales through painting or any work of
art. The collections of details albeit the remarkable occurrences during the previous decades
were hone by means of creation such as painting and this is practically emphasized in the
strokes of Oleg Yakhnin as he magnified a details of his work of art. It visually runs through
the mind the how the paintings mull over on the nearness of the object and escapes through
the farthest details as you look directly on the overall surface of the painting. This aspect
significantly defines how contemporary outlook was embarked and the articulate design of
the painting upholds the substance of the contemporary art.
The painting’s approach to realism was not palpable as it does not generally attempt
to magnify a subject matter through its vagueness and the lack of object reality. The work of
art alone transcends an in depth outlook of grasping what lies beyond the magnificent shades
and strokes and it requires scrutiny as you visualize the very essence of the painting. On
another note, the approach on formalism was at hand provided that a critical slant should be
magnate. To analyze in depth and interpret the painting would be the essential attributes to
be able to grasp and evaluate the underlying elements of the A Bird Flying.
On the overall, the context of the painting depicts a brave layer of confidence
wherein it can only be seen with a naked eye parallel with a substantial interpretation and
understanding of what goes beyond the painting alone as it reunites the message apart from
the hue it provided the eye ergo, this gave substance as to why the painting is so beautiful.





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