ANDREY CHEZHIN is an artist of phenomenal talent, who has most recently become exponentially involved in photography, although he also expresses himself through the medium of oil on canvas. Chezhin was born in Leningrad in 1960 where he graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Cinema and Engineering in 1982. It is during his studies that Chezhin developed his passion for photography, and this occurred whilst he was documenting exceptional feats of engineering and architecture, the echo of which can be seen in some of his works.
There are numerous ways in which Chezhin has as an artist and photographer supplemented to the overall development of the contemporary Russian art scene and these are important to note when attempting to assess his caliber. Chezhin’s personal contributions are extensive and include: Mirror photo club (1985) TAK group (1987-1996), Photopostscriptum art association (1993), Free Culture Fellowship (1996) as well as the International Federation of Artist (IFA) (1998). Here, not only did he aid in their foundation but he also presented some of his works, which were vital for the educational needs of other young and emerging artists who were intrigued by photography.
Chezhin is also the founder and contributor of the Autumn Photo Marathon annual festival (1998-2005), which became one of the best portrayals of the photographic scene in St. Petersburg in that period. Furthermore, Chezhin is the director of the PHOTOimage Gallery and the founder and director of The Drawing-Pin Museum. The latter is a demonstration of his perusal of one particular theme- the drawing pin, which he studied exhaustively. Hence, Chezin would create great constructions and statues from this particular object and subsequently photographically document them and develop those images. However, once this was completed, the object itself, made from the drawing pins, would be destroyed, leaving only the photograph as a potential source of previous existence.
One of the main reasons why Chezhin is experiencing such wide spread popularity in Russia is because his photographic process is so spontaneous which brings a certain edge to his works. Nonetheless, this unpredictability does not signify unreliability, as all his artistic efforts rest on a very solidly formed understanding of what constitutes photography as an art form. Consequently, Chezhin is able to build up on this platform through his self-sufficient photographic means of expression.
Overall, Chezhin is the author of over 60 solo exhibitions and a participant of more than 160 group exhibitions in Russian and abroad. His works can be found in museums and private collections in the USA, Italy, Poland and Russia.

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions:
2011 Drawing-Pin and Modernism. Perm Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm, Russia.
2010 I Love this City. Sputnik Gallery, New York, USA.
2010 America by Eyes. FotoFest, Russian Cultural Center ‘Our Texas’,
Houston, USA.
2010 Przestrzen Eschera. Piwnica Kany, Szczecin, Poland.
2010 Swiatlopis. Stara Cerkiew, Szczecin, Poland.
2009 To Play the Play of the Play (with David Plaksin), Museum of Non-
conformist Art, St.Petersburg, Russia.
2009 Kharmsiada. X-MAX Gallery, Ufa, Russia.
2008 I Love this City. Art Holding Tatiana Nikitina, St.Petersburg, Russia.
2008 Museum of the Drawing-Pin part II, PHOTOimage Gallery,
St.Petersburg, Russia.
2007 Masculine and feminine. ASAART Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2007 Cross of Prussia / Konigsberg - Kaliningrad / The Space of Escher.
Kaliningrad State Art Gallery, Kaliningrad, Russia.
2007 Life and Death of Nicholas II, ASAART Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia.
2007 Museum of The Drawing-Pin part I, PHOTOimage Gallery,
St.Petersburg, Russia.
2007 The Space of Escher. Da Vinci Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2007 Drawing-Pin and Modernism. Manezh, Central Exhibition Hall,
St.Petersburg, Russia.
2006 Drawing-Pin and Modernism. The Visual Art Gallery, Adirondack
Community College, Queensbury, USA.
2006 Meta order (from the Studio of the Creative Thing), The Gatchina
Reserve Museum, Prioratsky Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2006 Lines of Life. Anna Akhmatova, Anna Akhmatova Museum at the
Fountain House, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2006 4 in 1 (together with Dmitry Mishenin), Ars Magna Gallery, St.
Petersburg, Russia.
2005 Drawing-Pin and Modernism, Yaroslavl Museum of Art, Yaroslavl,
2005 Leningrad - a Hero City. Dmitry Semenov Gallery, St. Petersburg,
2005 The Space of Escher. Moscow House of Architect, Moscow, Russia.
2005 To be continued. The International information show-center “Info-
Space”, Moscow, Russia.
2005 The Petersburg art man-made silver photo on a boundary of
centuries. Ars Magna Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2005 Two Venices (with Liudmila Chezhina), Museum of Non-conformist
Art, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2005 Saint Regal Martyrs. The Russian Orthodox Fair, Manezh, Central
exhibition Hall, St.Petersburg, Russia.
2004 Self portrait in 366 days. Contemporary History Museum, Moscow,
2004 Drawing-Pin and Modernism. Anya Tish Gallery, Houston, Texas, USA.
2004 Nevsky Baptistery. FotoFest, Vine Street Studios, Houston, Texas,
2004 Hands. the Fund of the artist Mikhail Shemyakin, St. Petersburg,
2004 St. Petersburg, the Language of Water. Teatro Nacional Claudio
Santoro, Brazil.
2004 Lobby Exhibition #7. Andrey Chezhin, The World Bank in the Russian
Federation, Moscow, Russia.
2003 Fishes. PHOTOimage Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2003 Bridge. Street. St.Isaac Cathedral. Light., Delta Gallery, St.
Petersburg, Russia.
2003 Transformation of Vision, Noname Gallery, Rotterdam, Holland.
2003 City-text. Artcollegia Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
2002 Lines of a Life, Gallery 103, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2002 An Abstract Photography, Delta Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2002 Charmsiade, Giedre Bartelt Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
2002 Sobor, Delta Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2002 Chezhin Andrey, Gomez Gallery, Baltimore, USA.
2002 Geometry of Element - Element of Geometry, Na Obvodnom Gallery,
International Business-Centre “Neptun”, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2001 Drawing-Pin and Modernism, Russian State University, Museum “Other
Art”, Moscow, Russia.
2000 St. Petersburg, Escher series, Anya Tish Gallery, FotoFest, Houston,
Texas, USA.
2000 Trace of GULAG, Noname Gallery, FotoBiennale, Rotterdam, Holland.
2000 Touching St.Petersburg, Multihus Tobaksfabrikken, Esbjerg, Denmark.
2000 Capital Destruction - rearranging landmarks, Hovedbiblioteket,
Esbjerg, Denmark.
2000 Retrospective Review 1988-2000, Galeria Z, Bratislava, Slovakia.
1999 Yours-Mine, PHOTOimage Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.
1999 Transparent Dreams, Delta Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.
1999 Russian Lens on Washington. Andrey Chezhin: New Angles. District of
Columbia Art Center, Washington DC, USA.
1998 Dream. St. Petersburg - Warsaw, Mala Galleria, Warsaw, Poland.
1998 Kharmsiade & From the Life of Thumb-Pins, Noname Gallery,
Rotterdam, Holland.
1997 City-Text, Borey Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.
1997 7 platform AXE, International Art Festival at the Baltic House, St.
Petersburg, Russia.
1996 96 photographs, Manezh, Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg,
1996 Kharmsiada, “PHOTOimage Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.
1996 Andrey Chezhin, Teatro Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
1996 Nevsky Baptistery, Aurora Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.
1994 Visiting Bulla, Gallery 21, St. Petersburg, Russia.
1993 I am an Object, Photopostscriptumplace Gallery, St. Petersburg,
1993 Self portrait in 366 days, L’espace de Saint-Lorent, Saint-Marsellin,
Selected Public Collection:
The State Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia;
State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia;
National Library of Russia, St. Petersburg, Russia;
Gatchina Museum-Reserve; Priory Palace, Gatchina; collection of the “Free
Culture Fellowship”, St. Petersburg, Russia;
Museum of Photography, Moscow, Russia;
Mihail Chemiakin Foundation, St. Petersburg, Russia;
Yaroslavl Museum of Art, Yaroslavl, Russia;
Moscow House of Architects, Moscow, Russia;
The Navigator Foundation, Boston, USA;
Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio, USA;
Southeast Museum of Photography, Florida, USA;
State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, NJ, USA;
Muzeo Ken Damy, Brescia, Italy;
Centrum Sztuki Wspolczesney Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw, Poland;
The Wiliam Hunt Collection, New York, USA;
The Palladian Collection, New York, USA;
Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis,
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, USA;
Brooklyn Museum, New York, USA;
Muzeo d’Arte Contemporanea di Milano, Milano, Italy;
The Hechinger Collection, USA;
Collection the Royal Bank of Scotland in Houston, USA;
Brandts Musseet for Fotokunst in Odense, Denmark.
Selected Private Collections:
Joshua P.Smith, Lucian Perkins, Ursula Herbrand, Paul Zimmer, Michael Peltsman, Manfred Schmmalriede, Henry Mendelssohn Buhl, Finn Thrane, and Bleddyn Phillips.
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