Quintet by Yuri Shlykov
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Yuri Shlykov, Quintet, oil on paper
All The Words A Rage - The Greatest Hits of Von Gutenberg
Erik Von Gutenberg launches his provocative eBook.
(PRWEB) July 25, 2013
You definitely cannot say Internationally known photographer and publisher Erik Von Gutenberg hasn't worked diligently over the past decade to present his unique vision though his quarterly magazine, social media presence and interactive website. Von Gutenberg showcases provocative, cutting edge styles paired with fashion trend reporting and featured writing by acclaimed writers, designers and photographers. Von Gutenberg's brand encompasses everything “fashion, latex, and lifestyle”, says Erik.
Now the Von Gutenberg brand is branching out to publish its first eBook aptly entitled All The Word’s A Rage featuring the same themes such as ‘comic’ ‘steampunk’ and ‘fetish’ that have made Von Gutenberg a world wide read.
“The eBook focuses on the most popular fiction, expert columns, photo-essays, reviews, 'how-to' articles, model interviews and of course the most loved photos from the past 7 issues of the printed magazine and our multitude of blog fashion posts. We combined what our readers enjoyed the most into one best-of-the-best eBook.” explains Erik. “It's perfect for the existing fans and also for those new to the Von Gutenberg brand. It gets them up to speed.”
Erik continues, “We did add one or two pieces commissioned specifically for this eBook to give our regulars some unique content. Being unique is something we always strive toward.” he chuckles. “I think the mix of the old and the new works perfectly to make All the Word’s A Rage a definite one-of-a-kind offering.”
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