Quintet by Yuri Shlykov
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Yuri Shlykov, Quintet, oil on paper
From One Movie Lover to Another... We Heart Movies
New app, ‘’ lets friends share their favorite films. Provided by Eyepinch, Inc.
(PRWEB) July 25, 2013
Love movies? Meet the lovable new app ' <>'. Designed by the movie lovers at Eyepinch, Inc., this simple and charming app - for web, mobile web and Facebook - is set to spread a lot of love in the coming months.
Ash Gilpin, major visionary for the app, says, “One of the main reasons why I wanted to create this app was due to the recommendations my friends would make of great movies to watch.” This app bridges the gap between social media and movies, seamlessly integrating with the most popular of social networks, Facebook; so when a user updates their ‘we heart movies’ app, it instantly updates their Facebook profile too.
“Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple app that would allow you to compile a list of your favorite movies to share with friends and community?” That’s what Ash thought before creating this labor of love. Ash, who goes to the movies quite frequently, has already listed some of his favorite films on the site, including Forrest Gump and Braveheart.
The app has been optimized for phone, tablet, laptop and desktop use. Utilizing a deeply desirable minimalist design, is intuitive to use, with an interface that adapts to any media display device. Why trawl through pages of information on cast, trivia and reviews when all you want to do is share favorite movies with friends and family? With a flick of a finger, swish of a stylus, or click of a mouse, one can instantly ‘heart’ any movie. Constantly updated and thoroughly comprehensive, one can find everything from the most obscure cult flick to the very latest releases.
The app is not an ‘IMDb’ or a ‘Rotten Tomatoes’, but this is where its charm lies. It does not house movie trivia or information on cast and crew - and why should it? These are a one’s favorite movies; they probably know this paraphernalia already. Nor does it feature contributor reviews as, quite simply, the user is the reviewer. The user is the one informing the world about those hidden movie gems they’ve been waiting for forever to share. In this world, the only opinions that matter are the users’, and that of their community. It’s an interactive experience as much about friends as about movies. Get straight to the ‘heart’ of a friend’s favorite films and share with them in return; it’s so quick and easy.
Each film has a page with tags according to genre and a list of other users that hearted it. Some even feature movie clips to enrich the experience by reminding one of the best bits.
The team at Eyepinch, Inc. is currently working on the ‘we heart movies’ app for Android and iOS, which should be available in the coming weeks. This means that soon it will be able available in the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores, and hearting movies will be but one tap away, because one never know when there will be a match between a movie and a friend.