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Yellow Acrobat by Oleg Golovko, painting
Art is a mirror of life. Every time an artist sees an   imaginary  vision or feel  a certain unusual inspiration he or she will find an unique opportunity   to express that idea or dream the only  possible way to reflect them in images which could be put on canvas, if he is a painter, or to solve his artist prospect suited to his individual profession. The concept of life, as an artist perceives it, will be imitated and reflected in his final creation.
The fabulous collection of modern art, so called THE MIX recently prepared to be published by Artodox Publishing in San Francisco is presented by artists of merit from Russia, was gather together representing the past 60 years of Russian   history cultural achievement. This display of pages full of creative envisioned subject matters, the second half of the XX century has to offer, will delight the eye of any connoisseur of the modern art and beyond doubt enrich him with insight in the powerful style and realm of mysticism of this notable accumulation.
In this collection of  thirty seven plates each artist is representing  his own concept of art  through the array of colors, shapes, shadows and lights from traditional  to the  advent-guard, from realistic to symbolic and abstract thus sharing  the ultimate range  of style  and ideas  experimenting with new forms and subject  matters. The paintings in this extraordinary collection   representing modern Russia will lift up the iron curtain of the mystery of the culture that not all of the Western or New World was able to see, experience and fully comprehend.
Many of the presented   on pages artists and their works have been already introduced to the free world, were greatly appreciated, acknowledged and displayed. Their works founded place in the best museums, galleries and private residences in USA, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Holland, France, Italy, Spain, Canada and Japan. The artists were given the highest honors for their works which they deserved.
This time an individual who seeks the trill of finding out the best of the “Mystic Russia” will be greatly rewarded by acquiring the taste, choice and diversity of subjects displayed on all stunningly arranged pages.
The style and execution of each represented picture is completely unique: the idea of the display is original and eye-catching. The right side of the page shows the intended subject shown in full view on oil canvas or in watercolors with added dimension for full impact. Each plate is individual and demanded a full attention. The left side serves as a diversion from the displayed subject but at the same time complimented the site of different birth places the artists did came from. Etched in the pages are fragments of great works  of art  Russian cities are famous for: a glimpse of a cathedral, an equestrian monument  or Peter the Great, a row of royal residences along the  river Neva, a steeple of church, a lonely lamppost or a fragment of  an ornate fence. All images of the past are contrary to the idea of a modern conception.
In conclusion to the brief review of the coming publication of THE MIX collection it has to be said - this kaleidoscope of mirrored images will open the door into the new century full of hopes and new ideas along the avenues of life.  
Baroness Nina Redchytz von Grambek






Oleg Golovko, Yellow acrobat 1997, oil on canvas, 65.5 x 54 cm
Hermitage Art Center