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Troitsky, Constantine. Pink Landscape Troitsky, Constantine. Dune One Troitsky, Constantine. Still Life I Troitsky, Constantine. Dune Two Troitsky, Constantine. Still Life II

Born in Leningrad
He began painting in 1978. He participated in different home and street exhibitions including a number of events held by Unofficial Art Society. He is also a member of the Experimental Art Society.
In 1981 he graduated from Serov Art College and from 1981 until 1985 he worked as artist-restorer in the Museum of Sebastopol in Crimea where he was impressed by the light patterns of the southern Russian landscape. Konstantin began to paint and participated in several exhibitions while still a student, but only while in Crimea he did develop his own distinctive style of painting. He returned to St. Petersburg in 1985, an after working for two years in his workshop, he began to exhibit his paintings. Since 1988 painting and art has been his full-time occupation.
He is one of the organizers of art the group “Art-Collegium”. Since 1996 he is Director of “Art-Collegium” gallery where he organizes exhibitions together with Valery Valran. Besides numerous personal and thematic expositions, they plans and directs two large festival projects: “Anatomy of Modern Art” which had been held twice, and “Autumn Photo-Marathon” which is held annually on many exhibition sites across the city of St. Petersburg.
Since 1999 he has been a Member of The Artists Union of the Russian Federation.
At 1993 Bronze Prizewinner of Academie Wallonne Des Arts
(Charleroi, Belgium).
Since 1980 exhibited his works more than 70 exhibitions.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

1991 “Aurora” magazine editorial office. St. Petersburg.
1993 Aachen, Germany.
1993 Baden-Baden, Germany.
1995 Baden-Baden.
1995 Exhibition at Volcbank, Aachen.
1996 “ART-COLEGIUM” gallery. St. Petersburg.
1997 Helsinki, Finland.
1997 Aachen.
1998 “ART-COLLEGIUM” gallery.
2000 Aachen.
2002 “Breakfast Under The Sunshade”, “Delta” gallery. St. Petersburg.
2002 Aachen.
2002 Mantua, Italy.
2003 “Hot Evening At Barbison”, “Delta” gallery.
2003 “From Private Collections”, “ART-COLLEGIUM” gallery.
2004 Aachen.
2005 Aachen.

Since 1980, actively displays his works at 49 exhibitions in Russia, Germany, France and Japan.
1990 “BIENNALE of the Newest Art”,  St.-Petersburg
“ARTMIF” exhibition, Moscow
Exhibition and auction “Traditions and Perestroika”, Paris
1991 “Artists from the Neva banks” exhibition, (Hagen, Germany)
“St.-Petersburg Art” exhibition (Porvo, Finland)
Russian Art Auction, Lyons, France 
“ARTMIF” exhibition, Moscow
1992 TIAS exhibition (Tokyo International Art Show)
“TOKYO” exhibition. Japan
Exhibition and Auction at Champagne Festival in Epone, France
1993 “Hamburg Messe” exhibition (Germany)
1995 Exhibition at Tennis Club (Ahen, Germany)
Exhibition at Volcbank (Ahen, Germany)
“Apelsin” group exhibition (Baden-Baden, Germany)
1997 Individual exhibition in Ahen, Germany
1998 Art Festival “Modern Art Anatomy” Modern Art Gallery “Art collegium”.
1998 Group exhibition in Rochester City, NY.
1999 Group exhibition in Santa Barbara, CA.
2000 Artexpo San Francisco, CA.
2001 Artexpo New York, NY.
2003 Group exhibition at Mr. and Mrs. Tovbin home. San Francisco, CA.
2003 Group exhibition at Mr. and Mrs. Portnoy. Hillsborough, CA
2004 Group exhibition at Artodox Publishing place. San Francisco, CA.
2007 The Mix: Russian Modern Art. Group exhibition at Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA.

Selected Group Exhibitions

1998 “Anatomy of Contemporary Art I”, St. Petersburg.
1999 “Anatomy of Contemporary Art II”, St. Petersburg.
2000 The BLOXHAM GALLERIES, “Luke & A”, London.
2003 “St. Petersburg in New York” - “C.A.S.E. Museum of Contemporary Russian Art”, Jersey City, USA.

Paintings are kept in private collections in Germany, France, Holland, Japan, Finland and USA.

1.Pink Landscape. 1998, oil on canvas, 80 x 100 cm
2.Still Life 1. 1997, oil on canvas,  100 x 80 cm
3.Still Life 2. 1997, oil on canvas, 100 x 80 cm
4. Shimmer, oil on canvas, 100 x 80 cm, 1998
5. Dunes, oil on canvas, 100 x 80 cm, 1998
Alexander Alentyev
Alexander Bazarin
Alexander Bikhter
Sabir Gadzhiev
Svetlana Gadzhieva

Bulat Akhmetov
Andrey Chezhin
Alexander Dobrovolsky
Evgenia Fedina-Penkrat
Constantine Fufin
Oleg Golovko
Edward Ivanov
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Alexander Krylov
Gafur Mendagaliev
Oleg Minkevich
Valery Molchanov
Arthur Molev
Alexander Motylev
Sergey Sergeev
Yuri Shlykov
Grigory Shtender
Anatoly Sivkov
Sergey Skirchenko
Svetlana Stepanova
Vitaly Stukov
Eugene Suschenya
Yuri Sychev
Galina Sycheva
Victor Tatarenko
Constantine Troitsky
Valery Valran
Oleg Yakhnin
Yuri Zenin
Dmitry Zhuravlev





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